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This is a brand new boutique hotel, twenty eight rooms only, while simplicity and elegance meet the colonial and secular Cambodian style.

Siddharta boutique hotel Siem Reap: J. Commaille St. (backroad from Angkor Wat), behind Le Meridien hotel.
Tel : +855 63 768 769, Mobile : +855 78 768 769

The SFPDA company (Solutions For Personnel Digital Assistance) is a IT service company located in Siem Reap. A total of 10 IT peoples are working to assure the satisfaction of our customer. The manager of the company: M. Thaddée Bechtold as a background of 15 years of IT experience in Europe. He master all aspect of networking (internet, switch, Wifi, ...), program creation (C, database, web sites, ...), phone system (PABX, billing) and computer maintenance (operating system, hardware, server, ...).
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Education is the most essential element for facilitating positive change. And each of us here in Cambodia has a stake in the educational landscape. As the younger generation, we would like to do positive things for our country after many years of wars and conflict.
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The aim of Xteme Adventure is to share the beauty of rural Cambodia as it can be best experienced, by mountain bike. The name Xteme Adventure indicates our desire to be part of nature without disturbing it. The company's tours offer a profound way to discover local life in an unobtrusive manner. All our tours are adapted for all levels of rider. These introduce another side of Cambodia, a side that most tourists never see.
Siem Reap City :
The APSARA National Authority, originally established to see to the management and maintenance of the temples, has broadened its responsibilities to undertaking the management and conservation of the numerous assets of the Angkor region and the town of Siem Reap. Playing our role as a decision maker, and in order to meet the needs of tourists and visitors, the APSARA National Authority, in partnership with the province of Siem Reap and in line authorities, has decided to extend the opportunities for discovering the numerous cultural jewels of the Angkor region.

You contemplate a visit to Cambodia but you want to stay off the beaten track ? 
Welcome to Terres Rouges Lodge

Alliance is an oasis of calm right in the heart of vibrant Siem Reap. Situated in a stylish French colonial building constructed in 1953, previously home to the French cultural centre, our guests enjoy an Old World atmosphere complete with modern comforts. The experience is enhanced by a beautiful garden and a salt water pool offering an ideal way to unwind at the end of the day.
An hotel unlike the othersThe closest hotel to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Pavillon Indochine offers you deluxe rooms around the swimming pool and bungalow suites or family suites nestled in a garden.

See Cambodia Differently, part of the See Asia Differently travel group is a European family owned Cambodian based tour company. They specialize in unique, bespoke tours of Cambodia. 

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