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WELCOME TO CAMOUFLAGE, the cycling tour specialists 

Camouflage Adventure Cambodia is a Cycling Tour Company based in Angkor, Siem Reap temples city, in Cambodia, and is officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism.
It was created by three friends all driven by the same passion: mountain biking through natural landscapes.

Camouflage Adventure Cambodia spend 10% of its benefits to support a local orphanage located at Angkor Krau, near Angkor complex.
While riding bike around, the owner of Camouflage met those kids in this very isolated area and decided to do everything to help them to improve their way of life. Thanks to you, those kids can now have a better environment. 

For many years they have toured Cambodia by bicycle, searching for new paths and trails. Always on the lookout for new territory, they have extensively explored the surrounds of Siem Reap. Cycling is more than a passion !
Their aim is to share the beauty of rural Cambodia as it can be best experienced, by bicycle and their unique tours specialize in the discovery of Siem Reap’s natural sites by mountain bike.  

The name Camouflage indicates their desire to be part of nature without disturbing it. The company's tours offer a profound way to discover local life in an unobtrusive manner.
Camouflage proposes a number of cycling tours, all different, and adapted for all levels of rider. These introduce another side of Cambodia, a side that most tourists never see.

On ochre tracks through inundated rice fields you will discover the village life of Cambodia.
In the jungles of Mount Kulen, riders will contemplate the ruins of the original Angkorian civilization, while communing with nature.
Uncover the most beautiful of Angkor's secret temples, which are seldom visited and only accessible by bicycle.
Come and ride with us !


“Fantastic service”

We were so impressed by the service from the staff - we hired 3 bikes to cycle around the temples. They arranged a tuk tuk to deliver the bikes to Angkor Wat to meet us which they did promptly and at the agreed time. They then collected them from Bayong within a half an hour's notice. With the cost of hire and tuk tuk delivered and collection, it was very reasonable for the day. Unfortunately they do need to upgrade the bikes or more regularly maintain their bikes as one of our bike's brake cable broke during the ride.
Reviewed August 7, 2014

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