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Ride around the Western Baray in Siem Reap Angkor angkor visit by bicycle Rice Fields and rural villages
25 USD* - Easy Everyday - Half Day Tour - Start at 7.30 am and 2pm
+- 20 km

Discover the Cambodia countryside by bike. This tour passes through traditional villages of wooden slit houses. Our guide can adjust this tour according to your desire and your skill. It can be a little 20 km or more to allow you to see the best of Siem Reap less visited area..

This price is per person. From 3 to 4 persons: 22 USD per person.

This tour includes: GT Mountain Bike at your size, helmet, water, snacks, english speaking guide & transfers from hôtel. 
Ride a bike on the skirt of the Tonle Sap lake bike Family tour in countryside
25 USD - Easy - Everyday - Half Day Tour - Start at 7.30 am and 2pm

+- 20 km

A circuit through the Cambodian countryside specialy designed for family with children. Our guide knows the best tracks for an enjoyable tour that allow you to see the rural life. Our mountain bikes can be equipped with baby seat and we also do have bikes for childs that fit all size.

This tour includes: GT Mountain Bike at your size, helmet, gel pad saddler, water, snacks, english speaking guide, free transfers. 

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