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The staff of Camouflage:

Sylvain Pichard: A former press photographer with 15 years residence in Cambodia and married with two children, he has been touring Cambodia by bicycle for many years.

Frederic Amat : A former journalist and now author, he has resided in Cambodia since 1995. A man with a long-standing love of motorcycles, mountain biking is a recent passion.

Samnang Lin  : A passionate proponent of cycling with great experience of tour leadership in Cambodia.

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Three reasons to choose Camouflage.

  • We are passionate about mountain biking. All our tours have been carefully designed after thousands of kilometres of rides through the region. Our bikes are well maintented and have front and back mudguards.
  • Camouflage Adventure Cambodia spend 10% of its benefits to support a local orphanage located at Angkor Krau. We invite all guests interested by this programm to contact us and we will bring them to see what we have done to support those kids.
  • Our circuits are unique, with tours available for riders of any level. We can set up any private tour for any level of cyclist
Adventure Cambodia

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